Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am a longarm quilter with an edge: I have the world's best computerized robotics system on my long arm.  It's called the IntelliQuilter, and it was invented by Zoltan Kasa.  He's the brain AND the heart behind the success of this invention, because he has given tirelessly of himself at every opportunity, from developing the initial system to refining it, adding to it, updating it, modifying it, and taking all the ideas of us owners and putting them into practice.  It's just wonderful.

About every three months, the Virginia/North Carolina group of owners in the Raleigh to Petersburg area get together and work on design projects.  For instance, some of the teachers in the IQ community have posted "boosters" in our Yahoo group, and we will go over those until we are all comfortable with the new techniques learned.  Sometimes we bring quilts that we want input on as to how to quilt them -- what sort of designs would enhance the quilt the best.  Other times, we talk over quilting woes:  uneven borders, cattywompus quilts that just won't square up, poor piecing and how to "quilt it out", and how to market our businesses.

This past month we had our meeting at Cathy's studio. That's Cathy, above.  She has two long arms and two IQ's.  Whew!  She's alot busier than I am! 

This is Heather with her IQ tablet.  Oh!  I forgot to mention -- unlike some other computerized systems out there, it is a snap to take the tablet off the long arm and go out the door for a class or to show customers all your designs, etc.  I like this particular picture of Heather because it shows a brand new window behind her in Cathy's studio.  The last time we met at Cathy's, a customer accidentally drove her car into the studio through this window.  No one was hurt, but it sure put a damper on our gathering that day!

This is Mary.  Mary has been fighting the good fight and WINNING against breast cancer.  So, unknown to her, our little group of 9 decided to make her a celebration quilt in her favorite colors.  Some of us contributed fabric;  some contributed a block or two.  Cathy assembled all that we sent to her and did the quilting.

This is Mary and Cathy with the quilt.  (The mock cathedral window block in the middle is mine.)  We are all smiling because Mary was delighted and touched by our surprise for her.  It sure was hard to keep it a secret!

I'll get back to quilting hints and helpers with the next post.  Meanwhile, enjoy the quilt picture.

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  1. Love the quilt. What a great thing that was done for Mary. I do hope that she keeps on WINNING this fight. You all are and delightful group of women..